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Blick durch den Turm zur Gondel

Be it steel or concrete. Our tower maintenance services

Looking at the overall design of wind turbines, there is a good reason why the tower is the load-bearing component: no other part of the turbine has to absorb so many forces. Continuously checking the tower and its associated components is, therefore, a fundamental requirement to make sure the whole wind turbine remains structurally stable. A requirement that is true for both steel and concrete towers.

Inspection, service and maintenance work

Acting as your service partner, XERVON Wind also looks after your wind turbine towers. Our portfolio covers both inspections as well as maintenance and repair work. This means that you are able to get all the services you need from just one company. And you benefit from being able to access a portfolio that protects your wind turbines and ensures they remain structurally stable – increasing safety levels and maintaining the value of your assets at the same time.

Minor damage to towers can very quickly escalate into a much bigger problem – especially when the turbines are located offshore

A more detailed look at our tower services

Specialising in all types of tower, XERVON Wind is the partner to turn to for both steel towers and concrete towers. We offer a wide range of services including:

Steel towers

Performing torque checks

Repairing tower flanges

Measuring flange joint gaps

Carrying out stress/strain measurements on anchor bolts

Removing traces of corrosion

Renewing weld seams

Performing repair welding work

Protecting structures against corrosion

Concrete towers

Repairing spalled concrete

Filling in cracks and damaged areas

Carrying out sealing work

Protecting surfaces

Repairing tower flanges

Carrying out stress/strain measurements on anchor bolts

Corrosion protection and concrete repair work

We are able to provide anti-corrosion coatings that deliver a top performance and maximum protection, including high-tech coatings for structures exposed to extreme conditions. Our concrete repair services not only see us fixing damaged material but also applying protective coatings to large areas of concrete.

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