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Fachkraft beim Einstieg in den Turm

Rapid, top quality repair work

Ideally, the condition of a wind turbine should remain at the very highest level throughout the whole of its service life. However, no matter how well wind turbines are maintained, it is impossible to completely prevent either wear and tear or faults from occurring. Professionalism and speed are key when repairs are needed. Every day of downtime is a day lost – both for supplying climate-friendly energy and for the wind farm operator.

Well equipped for rapid pit stops

XERVON Wind’s experienced specialists have comprehensive and wide-ranging expertise. Able to handle both mechanical and electrical systems, they have the skills needed to rapidly analyse faults and discover hidden sources of error. Competent and reliable, our teams of experts repair all types of defects – from minor damage all the way through to complex faults – either on site at the wind turbine or in one of our own workshops.

XERVON Wind is, of course, also able to carry out highly specialised repair work on, for example drive trains, rotor blades or generators

Working through official reports

Throughout their service lives, wind turbines have to undergo numerous evaluations and inspections. The reports written up as part of these appraisals often include extensive lists of deficiencies. XERVON Wind takes over these tasks on your behalf, working through and eliminating each deficiency, point by point, and performing all of the services itself, including all documentation.

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