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Working on drive trains. A case for the specialists

Drive trains are one of the largest and most cost-intensive components of a wind turbine. Just a small irregularity in a gearbox’s operations can end up causing major technical damage and have significant financial implications. Which is why it is well worth taking a particularly close look at the partner you have chosen to inspect and repair this complex piece of equipment to make sure they have the necessary qualifications and level of professionalism.

You can count on us – no matter how big or how small the task

XERVON Wind’s teams have the skills to handle a whole range of models, generations and brands of drive trains. This enables us to carry out professional and detailed analyses of the actual condition of the gearbox’s key parts and ensures that we identify any technical deviations and/or problems. These are – wherever possible – remedied immediately up-tower. However, if the drive train does have to be removed and lowered to the ground so it can be fixed, then this is when our repair and replacement solutions truly come to the fore.

Using vibration analyses and video endoscopy, we detect early signs of damage in a drive train – preventing it from escalating and becoming a major problem

Repair and upgrade in one go

Handling drive trains is complex work. When it comes to wind turbines, precision is key and in many cases just one hundredth of a millimetre can make all the difference. This is a skill we master, reliably and professionally. What’s more, we can install upgrades at the same time to make sure you get double the benefits from our services – making the most of the time we are repairing any damage to optimise your wind turbine’s operations and further improve its performance and productivity.

Find out more about XERVON Wind’s range of services covering main component replacement and retrofits

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