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Service and maintenance – for safe operations, optimised efficiency and maximum energy output

Be it onshore or offshore: a wind turbine’s advantages can only truly come to the fore if it is reliable, efficient and productive. In practice, this requires a whole host of servicing and maintenance tasks that must be organised so that any possible faults are detected and resolved in good time. Being maintenance experts, we can offer you a wide range of servicing and maintenance solutions so you get the very most out of your wind turbines.

A one-stop shop

XERVON Wind is able to offer you the full range of services when it comes to servicing and maintenance work. We have the expertise to handle mechanical components, such as generators, drive trains and rotors, as well as electrical units and sensor technology. Competent, precise and experienced, our technicians deliver impressive results in the field, always taking every turbine-related factor into account when performing their work. And, when it comes to the timing of the actual work, all options are possible – from being part of an agreement to carry out regular servicing work all the way through to providing services during mandatory inspections.

The goal of our servicing and maintenance concepts is to ensure your wind turbines’ technology remains reliable and free of errors at all times

Growing efficiency with proactive maintenance concepts

XERVON Wind also uses predictive maintenance as this is an effective means to pick up any potential irregularities and prevent loss of production. Deploying 24/7 remote monitoring is an integral element of our portfolio. By continuously recording the actual condition of your wind turbine, we safeguard its productiveness and set the groundwork for ensuring that operations are compliant and that all statutory regulations are met.

Using condition monitoring not only allows the best possible maintenance schedule to be set. It also enables sources of error to be eliminated in good time

Flexible service agreements and collaborations

We tailor our maintenance and servicing concepts so that the range of tasks included meets your exact needs. What’s more, XERVON Wind is just as flexible when it comes to the way it collaborates with its customers. Full service agreements and maintenance contracts are just as much an option as us performing tasks as part of a one-off project.

Would you like to find out more about our different kinds of contracts? Then simply get in touch with us. We’re here to help.

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