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Onshore-Anlagen in blühendem Rapsfeld

Retrofits – fitting the right technology for an improved performance

As a general rule, wind turbines are designed to run for a period of 20 years. A long time, during which technical progress continues to be made. At the same time, wind turbines gradually become less productive as they age – a consequence of wear and tear and an increased need for repairs. The result: a weaker performance, a lower energy output and lower profits. A development that wind farm operators do not have to simply accept.

Boosting performance with new technology

XERVON Wind installs new technology so that your wind turbines are once again state of the art. We improve your turbines by retrofitting them. And it makes sense to upgrade them. By doing so, it is possible to noticeably improve their efficiency and performance levels, extend their service lives and maintain the value of your wind farm making it fit for the future.

Retrofitting is well worth its while – both for the sustainable supply of energy and for wind farm operators

Standard or bespoke – the choice is yours

XERVON Wind is able to carry out both mechanical and electrical retrofits on your wind turbines. In both cases, you can have us perform the standard solutions provided by the manufacturer. In addition, we can also offer you bespoke retrofit solutions. Taking your precise requirements into account, we develop and implement a tailor-made package to optimise the performance of your wind turbines.

Offering both environmental and economic advantages, retrofits can also help wind farms to keep on operating when the EEG [Renewable Energy Sources Act] payments come to an end

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