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Windpark an Land

Onshore wind energy. Our work on land

Wind energy already makes a big contribution towards the production of electricity in Germany. And, as the country transitions towards zero carbon, climate-friendly energy, wind power is considered to be one of the trump cards – which means its importance will continue to grow. XERVON Wind supports the wind energy sector by offering a wide range of highly specialised services. Working for the future as well as for greater success in the here and now.

Sustainable and highly efficient

Most of Germany’s wind power – 80% to be precise – is generated onshore. This is produced by around 30,000 wind turbines.

Focusing on climate goals

The European Union’s Green Deal and its goal to be climate neutral by 2050 have created some major challenges for the wind energy sector as well. More than ever before, wind farm operators are being called on to deliver as secure a supply as possible and at cost-effective conditions. XERVON Wind helps them to achieve both – with a range of services that grows efficiency, enables them to run a cost-oriented business and ensures their electricity production operates smoothly.

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