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Offshore Windenergieanlage Gruendung und Umspannwerk

Surface technology for long-lasting protection – also at locations that require exceptional solutions

Coatings are the best way to ensure wind turbines have long-lasting protection and retain their value. Making the most of our extensive experience of surface technology, we apply coatings that deliver a longer service life and robust protection against erosion, corrosion and wear and tear. We specialise in both concrete and steel structures and service both onshore and offshore facilities.

High quality applications plus all the preparation work

Our company is able to deliver the whole range of surface technology services. Using a variety of surface preparation technologies, we make sure the different components have the exact surface quality needed. Once this work has been completed, we then apply long-lasting, high performance coatings that have been selected to meet the exact requirements. Our portfolio also includes high-tech coatings that, for example, prevent the build-up of dirt or scaling.

Professional coatings are complex systems that we adapt to meet the specific requirements of each individual project

Corrosion protection for all environments – no matter how extreme

Our wide-ranging corrosion protection solutions are suitable for all types of structures and components, even those located in extreme environments. This means, for example, that we are able to coat offshore wind turbines with systems that meet the highest corrosion protection category – thus ensuring that steel parts that are permanently submerged under water are also well protected against corrosion.

Our coatings cover all levels of corrosion protection including the very highest protection categories

Using innovative technology and high quality applications, we ensure that offshore wind farms also enjoy a reliable and long-lasting service life

Special coatings not only protect against corrosion – they also reduce underwater marine growth (antifouling) at the same time

Surface technology for concrete structures

No matter whether it involves a new-build or a renovation project: we deliver all the individual surface technology services required for concrete structures. Besides preparing the surface and applying the coats, we also replace any damaged material and ensure all connecting parts are properly sealed. What’s more, we also have a wide range of services when it comes to applying the final finish. We can, for example, add warning and safety markings and paint your logo on the side of your wind turbine

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