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1. Overview  
Advantages that are not always so easy to find Being a provider of such highly specialised services, XERVON Wind’s goal is to create strong, collaborative partnerships that involve more than just…

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2. About us  
XERVON Wind unites in-depth know-how of the wind energy sector with an extensive range of highly specialised technical services. Helping wind farm operators to install wind turbines is just as much…

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3. Group  
A strong group delivering a strong performance. We are part of a large collaborative network There is a strong group behind XERVON Wind and this can create some additional advantages for your…

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4. Overview  
On land and at sea XERVON Wind pursues a holistic approach. It goes without saying, therefore, that we do not just work for you here and there but everywhere, wherever you need us. Both onshore and…

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5. Onshore  
Onshore wind energy. Our work on land Wind energy already makes a big contribution towards the production of electricity in Germany. And, as the country transitions towards zero carbon,…

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6. Offshore  
Offshore wind energy. Our work at sea Wind turbines located off the coast are particularly efficient and achieve high energy outputs. But this business also involves considerable challenges – both…

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7. Overview  
Services for each and every task Specialising in wind turbines, XERVON Wind has the expertise to offer a full range of technical services. What’s more, we are not dependent on any particular…

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8. Services & maintenance  
Be it onshore or offshore: a wind turbine’s advantages can only truly come to the fore if it is reliable, efficient and productive. In practice, this requires a whole host of servicing and…

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9. Engineering  
There is always room for improvement no matter how good something may be. With this in mind, XERVON Wind draws up and implements tailor-made optimisation solutions that take all individual features…

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10. Repairs  
Rapid, top quality repair work Ideally, the condition of a wind turbine should remain at the very highest level throughout the whole of its service life. However, no matter how well wind turbines…

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